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Compact Flash adapter now less than $20

Thu Jun 14, 2001 - 9:54 AM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

MatchBookProducts today reduced its prices for the MD-001 (long) [review] and MD-100 (flush) compactflash adapters for the Visor.

Long adapters now sell for $15, and flush adapters for $20. FAFileMover, FAUtil and CSpotRun, with the compactflash plugin, are now included free of charge with each adapter.

Keith Hudson, the developer of the MatchBookDrive adapter, said "Now that plug-and-play adapters for compactflash on the Visor handheld are coming onto the market, we wanted to open up another segment of the market. We think that some Visor owners might be reluctant to part with upwards of $40 to try out a new memory solution for their Visor. This way, they can try it out for under $20, and later on move up to a plug-and-play adapter if they find it really useful."

Dave Kessler, developer of the FAFileMover software, said "A
non-plug-and-play adapter can do everything that a plug-and-play
adapter can except recover from a hard-reset. For users who don't wish to use CompactFlash as a disaster recovery solution, the extremely low price of a non-plug-and-play adapter should make it a very attractive option."

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