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Looking back at PC Expo

Wed Jul 19, 2000 - 8:15 AM EDT - By James Hromadka , Marcus Adolfsson

More Impressions

As many of the modules shown are competing with each other, we'll look at what we see as the winner in these categories.


James: I think I've already said how much I like the Geode - the content, durability, and accuracy really set the standard for GPS modules.

Marcus: The HandyGPS is significantly smaller and cheaper though, and for some users this may be more desirable. You are right though that the features of the Geode are very impressive.


James: With the SixPak coming out in September, I like the Thincom, as it's out now and fits the Visor's form-factor.

Marcus: Xircom's modem also appeared to be good solution - it's slightly larger, but has an external battery and a built in cell phone connector; it also has no dongle. Innogear had a promising Modem on display too.

FM Radio

James: I like the My-Radio, but the CUE Radio adds one-way messaging, making it a stronger value.

Marcus: They're almost separate products because of the data features of the CUE Radio. I like that weather and news is free on the CUE Radio - I am a news junkie.

Wireless two-way

James: It may not have a web browser, but I really like the @ctiveLink. It works great indoors and can function when out of the Visor.

Marcus: @ctiveLink reminds me of the Palm VII because of its email and "clipping" feature. It is a competitive product because browsing wirelessly on most PDAs still is not a pleasurable experience.

Overall the conference proved to be very exciting. It looks like the next few months will be exciting as well for Visor users.

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