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HandyGPS Pro

Tue Oct 30, 2001 - 9:53 AM EST - By Scott Hanselman

Product Info
Name HandyGPS Pro
Company Nexian
Accuracy About 11m
Protocol NMEA V2.2 Navicom proprietary protocol
Power Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Hard Cover Compatible No
Size 2.15" W X 3.07" H X 1.7" D
Acquisition time Hot start 8 seconds, Warm start 39 seconds, Cold start 66 seconds
Fact Sheet & User Opinions
$229.99 (with Street Finder)
$199 (with UbiGo)


The GPS has always been the Springboard Module we've waited for.  As soon as we heard that Visors were infinitely expandable, we all longed for the day we could mount our color Visors to our dashboard and head for the open road.  After a number of arguably failed attempts, has Nexian got it right with the HandyGPS Pro?  We shall see!

The HandyGPS Pro improves on the original HandyGPS in a number of ways.  It now includes a long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery that Nexian claims can last for 10 hours.  The $229.99 bundle includes StreetFinder from Rand McNally for both PalmOS and the Full Windows Version. 

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