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Cutest Couple: Donna & Jeff

Tue Sep 14, 1999 - 11:30 PM EDT - By VisorCentral Staff

CNET's 1999 Yearbook has named Donna Dubinsky and Jeff Hawkins as the cutest couple in the technology industry.

"Napoleon and Josephine, Antony and Cleopatra--there's just a certain chemistry that occurs between some people that makes others stand up and take notice. Like Donna Dubinsky and Jeff Hawkins, for example. This cute business couple is on their fourth corporate honeymoon, and they just can't wait to get down to work. Donna and Jeff were the driving force behind Palm Computing as a source for handheld computer software. Failing to succeed at that, they reinvented the company and became the creators of the PalmPilot. Then, after selling Palm Computing to 3Com, this perfect pair fled the constraints of corporate boundaries to do it all over again as JD Technology (Jeff and Donna--cute, huh?). Now, with a more permanent name change to Handspring, they've renewed their corporate vows to create Palm add-ons and even smaller, better, and as yet unnamed other things."

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