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Results of Visor Name Poll

Tue Sep 14, 1999 - 11:30 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

In VisorCentral's most recent poll, we had asked what people thought of the name of Handspring's first product. Below are the results of our unscientific* poll:

The Visor name is perfect: 32%
Could have been better: 24%
Don't care: 45%

Most people could care less what Handspring's first product is called. Based on this information, 57% of people that have an opinion like the Visor name, while 43% don't like the name.

The Visor name originated by an idea by Jeff Hawkin's daughter. She thought of the name "Advisor," which was shortened into the name we have today.

* Note percentages may not equal 100% because of rounding.

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