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Wireless PDAs projection

Thu Dec 30, 1999 - 8:23 AM EST - By James Hromadka

A recent report claims that wireless smart phones and PDAs will dominate the wireless internet market. PDA sales are expected to more than double between 2002-3. From the press release:

The report also analyzes the battle between Microsoft and Palm Computing over who will control the operating systems market. Palm is the clear winner, according to the report. It will remain the market leader, while Windows CE will dominate certain vertical markets. New players such as Handspring and Symbian will emerge and clash with Microsoft and Palm over market share. The marketplace is changing rapidly. Companies must embrace the wireless vision or risk being left behind by a market that is charging toward mobility, demanding new business models, and smashing global barriers.

Looks like Palm was on to something when they introduced the Palm VII.

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