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Buy groceries with the Visor

Wed Mar 1, 2000 - 2:04 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Those weekend trips to the grocery store may soon be a thing of the past. PSC Inc. has announced its Grocer-eScan™ Internet home shopping appliance that is used in conjunction with the Handspring Visor to order things online. From the press release:
"The Grocer-eScan solution is comprised of three components: the Momentum™ bar code scanner from PSC; the Visor™ handheld computer from Handspring™; and e-commerce application software from HighPoint Systems. The Momentum scanner comes pre-loaded with HighPoint® software and a home shopping product database. The scanner can then be plugged into the Visor's Springboard expansion slot. Together, the Grocer-eScan solution is a convenient and intuitive method for shoppers to create their shopping list and place an online order more quickly and easily than on stand-alone PC-based web browsers. Shop is the first retailer to offer the Grocer-eScan to its customers."
Testing will begin in Boston and Connecticut. Thanks to Pete K for the link.

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