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Attention grabber

Wed Mar 15, 2000 - 9:01 AM EST - By James Hromadka

ZDNET has a column by Pankaj Chowdhry where he questions the value of Palm given its enormous IPO and because he doesn't see any value in the organizer. The article itself appears (IMO) to be an attempt to grab attention with statements like this:
"My view now is that 3Com is an annoying company with a lot of money. I have long considered the Palm handheld to be a limited device, bereft of any redeeming features. Often, the cult of Palm can be spotted in coffee shops or airports, beaming information to one another and basically having more fun than anyone should have with a handheld computer."

I personally think people should have as much fun with their PDA as possible. Although I don't get the opportunity to beam info often, it sure is fun when I get the chance . As to whether the Palm handheld is "limited," it depends on what features you are looking for, whether it is color, expandability, etc.

I think that this article was trying to grab attention by writing something negative about a very popular product and adding "let me know what you think in the talback (sic) below" at the end. I am not going to link directly to the column, but if you really want to read it go to ZDNET.

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