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Grocery module in trouble

Wed Mar 15, 2000 - 9:27 AM EST - By James Hromadka

Symbol Technologies announced yesterday that they have filed a lawsuit against PSC for violation of two of Symbol's patents. The suit is against the Momentum bar code scanner module that was to be used with the Handspring Visor (read our news item about the grocery module announcement here).
From the press release:
"In filing the suit, Symbol's Senior Vice President and General Counsel Leonard Goldner stated, ``We are perplexed by PSC's continued disregard for other people's intellectual property rights. Symbol cannot ignore PSC's blatant attempt to copy our successful development and introduction of consumer bar code scanning products such as the Palm(TM) based hand-held computers. By copying Symbol's technology innovations, PSC has elected to willfully infringe Symbol's intellectual property rights. Although one of the infringed patents was issued today, the other patent in the litigation was issued in 1995. It is unfortunate that we must once again resort to the courts to obtain recognition and enforcement of our rights.''"

Looks like I still have to go to the store on weekends after all.

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