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See what CompUSA sells

Sun Apr 9, 2000 - 3:22 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

Now that the Visor is in retail, I tried to go to the websites for the three chains carrying it to get a listing of what Visor-related products they are selling.

Neither Best Buy nor Staples had any online listings for the Visor that I could find.

I was able to do a search on CompUSA and pull up a listing of everything they sell for the Visor from Handspring. Click here for a listing of CompUSA's Handspring-related products that they carry. You can get everything from all colors of the VDX to several of the Handspring cases. It also appears that the Modem module is available in stores. Note: CompUSA mislabeled the serial cradle as "cable," so don't get too excited.

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