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Thu Apr 13, 2000 - 3:53 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

There have been so many things happening at the Handspring website today that I've consolidated them into this single news item.

Handspring needs more shelp space
Handspring has won yet another award. This one comes from the 2nd annual MITs Sloan eBusiness awards, where Handspring won the Rookie of the Year Award, "an honor bestowed upon an up-and-coming company that shows the greatest potential to dominate new industries."

Palm also won at the event, taking home the Disruptive Technology Award, which "honors technical innovation that has the greatest potential to revolutionize eBusiness."

Click here for the press release with all the award winners.

Willkommen Handspring
Handspring now has an international page where UK and Germany readers can sign up to be notified when the Visor will be available to them. You can also say which colour/model you are interested in the most.

After seeing Cabaret last year when Teri Hatcher was performing in it, every time I see the word willkommen I hear that opening song. VisorCentral -- here life is beautiful

Win a BVD from
Handspring now has a promotion where those that have signed up for the Handspring mailing list have a chance to win a blue Visor Deluxe.

Those that have already subscribed are already entered, so no need to do it again. Handspring will draw a winner every Friday from April 21 thru June 30. The rules do not say anything about international eligibility.

Maybe now I can get my wife a Visor.

Handspring/PalmGear deal
Handspring has a link to PalmGear where you can buy some of the modules and accessories that are out.

As you can see, there is no bias in our news even though we have a

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