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Sun Apr 30, 2000 - 6:52 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

InnoGear has awakened and now has more information on their website, although info on the SixPak and MiniJam is still lacking except for some new pictures.

A new series of Springboard modules has been announced, the InnoPak line. The first one, the InnoPak/2V, is a combo 2MB/Vibrating alarm. Future modules will include "enhanced beaming, Internet connectivity, voice recording, and more." We've added these items to the Springboard list under the All-in-One category for now.

There is also a Wireless Springboard website that looks like it will sell some of InnoGear's products. What looks very interesting is the Personal Jukebox, a non-Visor accessory that will store 120 CDs for you to listen to. The website's affiliation with InnoGear is not known at this time.

Summer can't come soon enough for Visor fans.

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