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Comments from Networld+Interop

Thu May 18, 2000 - 11:45 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

One of our readers, Craig Evans, was at the Networld+Interop event last week and sent in this email with some comments on some upcoming Springboard modules:

Not sure whether it has been mentioned or not, but at last weeks Networld+Interop event in Las Vegas, Zilog was showing the springboard prototype (functional), as well as a mockup of the final unit.

Interesting to note was that the wireless connectivity is provided by a 900MHz "cordless telephone" type of setup, talking back to controller (that looked all the world like a sprinkler timer). BUT, the thing I thought was really cool was that because the unit IS a 900Mhz cordless phone module, it can be used as a cordless phone as well as a control pad for the other functions in the house 8^).

3Com was also demonstrating a Palm V with Bluetooth capabilities (electronics housed in one of their wrap around modem type enclosures) dialing an Ericson phone via Bluetooth (module clipped onto the data port on the bottom of the phone). Also interesting was a beta Bluetooth Network Access controller by AXIS - it would have been nice to take the 3Com products down to the AXIS booth and see at what point everything suddenly saw each other.

Symbol also had their bar code scanning module on display. Range is limited (I am used to industrial scanners), but was fine for home/small retail type situations. Apps written for the Symbol SPT range of hardware should work on the Visor/Springboard combo (but don't quote me on that - until I actually try it I wont beleive it).

I wasn't really expecting much in the PalmOS realm at the show, but this stuff was just too cool to let slide without a mention 8^).

For more on the Springboard module designed by Zilog, check out our Handhelper preview.

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