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InfoMitt in July

Fri May 26, 2000 - 2:11 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

It appears that you can now pre-order the InfoMitt Access pager from Global Access. The pager is $49.95, and there are two packages available: InfoMitt + 1000 msg. units for $89.90 and InfoMitt + 4000 msg. units for $209.75. The InfoMitt Access will ship in July.

Also from Global Access comes more information on the Access Memory. The AM appears to be an InnoPak/2V with a few more features, as the AM comes with 2MB memory and a Vibrating alarm but also contains a flashing LED and "Silent Sentry software," which allows you to have other audible tones directed to the vibrating unit or LED. The Access Memory will be available in June for $39.95 and can be pre-ordered as well.

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