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Corporate MP3s for the MiniJam

Thu Aug 3, 2000 - 9:40 AM EDT - By James Hromadka

Audio Intelligence Corporation announced today Audio Update™, a service that allows users to download MP3 files through a secure connection to the Internet or a company intranet. From the press release:
Audio Update™ is the first business solution that extends beyond the desktop to reach handheld devices such as Handspring Visors® in a digital MP3 format, utilizing the Springboard module MiniJam™ by InnoGear. Audio Update offers such advantages as ease of distribution, sound quality, the ability for frequent updates, cost effectiveness, ease of use, and security.
The service will also be available for Palm organizers and Pocket PCs later this year. I'm not sure that I'll want to make room for "Seven Habits..." when I could be listening to "Seven Mary Three."

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