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Handspring launches affiliate program

Mon Aug 7, 2000 - 11:27 AM EDT - By James Hromadka

Handspring announced today an affiliate program that Visor supporters can use to direct traffic to Handspring's website. From the press release:
Handspring will use the program to communicate the advantages of Visor and the Springboard expansion platform to an even broader range of consumers. Through the program, affiliates can earn money every time a Handspring product is bought based on a referral from their site. ... As a special launch promotion, charter affiliates will receive a 10% referral fee for new customers and a 5% referral fee for repeat customers through December 31, 2000. After that time, all affiliates will receive an 8% referral fee on each new sale and a 5% referral fee on repeat sales.
This is a great way to "spread the word" about the Visor. As a reminder, do not post any links in the discussion area that uses a referral link to Handspring's website.

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