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Detection for Palm_Liberty.A Trojan

Tue Aug 29, 2000 - 9:26 AM EDT - By James Hromadka

Trend Micro announced today an update for consumers with products like PC-cillin and OfficeScan to protect them from the Palm_Liberty.A Trojan that was released recently. Here is a good summary of the trojan from the press release:
Trojan Behavior

The Palm_Liberty.A Trojan is among the first Palm-based malware and is distributed via IRC. It comes disguised as a 'crack' file that can convert a shareware program called LIBERTY into a registered version. Upon execution, this malware deletes all executable applications in the handheld device. On a Palm OS- based device, the Trojan appears as a Liberty icon and is named, "Crack1.1".

How to Recover your Palm

Users may restore infected Palm OS-based devices using the HotSync manager by setting the System conduit to "Desktop overwrites Handheld".
Owners of Trend Micro products can download the update here.

Update: McAfee also has software to detect the trojan now.

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