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Wed Dec 13, 2000 - 6:06 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Palm made some significant announcements during PalmSource on the future of the Palm OS. Here's a summary of the announcements from Palm's press release:
  • A range of new wireless modems and integrated wireless handhelds are coming for the Palm™ platform. In 2001, Palm Powered™ handhelds will be able to access most of the world's major wireless networks, including CDPD, CDMA, GSM, GPRS, PDC, and Mobitex
  • Samsung became a new licensee of the Palm OS® platform. Samsung is developing a new Palm OS-based smartphone for release in the first half of 2001 (see separate release). With the addition of Samsung, the Palm OS is now supported by several leaders in mobile phones, including Nokia, Motorola, and Kyocera
  • The Palm Economy Association, which will debut later in the year. Independently elected officers will lead it, and two-way feedback will be facilitated on technical and OS issues. A marketing committee will leverage the power of the platform.
Palm CEO Carl Yankowski also laid out Palm's vision for the near future, including utilizing the acquisition of and the creation of the MyPalm™ portal website. A beta of Palm OS 4.0 (due mid-2001) will be heading to developers next week. Instant Messanging and expanded email solutions are also coming, as well as voice-recognition and better security.

Bill Maggs, Palm CTO, showed a prototype of a Palm utilizing Bluetooth, and already hints of Palm OS 5 are coming out. OS 5 supposedly will have better multimedia support and utilize the ARM microprocessor (recently licensed by Motorola).

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