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WordSmith 1.0 Final released

Wed Jan 3, 2001 - 7:05 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Blue Nomad has released the final version of its excellent WordSmith word processor for the Palm OS. I suggest you go download the product and try it out now. It is one of the most amazing applications you will find. Anyone who does serious text entry should look at it.

Here's the press release with some of the product's details:
Redwood City, California (January 3, 2001). Blue Nomad, LLC (formerly, BackupBuddy Software, LLC), announced today the release of WordSmith™ version 1.0. WordSmith is the most revolutionary, intuitive and full-featured word processor, enhanced memo pad and rich document viewer available for the Palm organizer. Not only does WordSmith support rich text, such as bold, italics and underline but also paragraph formatting, justification and font selection on your organizer. In addition, its unprecedented support for the Palm Portable and Stowaway keyboards makes inputting text into your organizer easier and faster than ever.

"Wordsmith is the first word processor for personal digital assistants designed to take full advantage of our popular folding keyboards", says Phil Baker, President of Think Outside, the company that designs and manufactures the award-winning Stowaway™ and Palm™ Portable Keyboard. "The combination of a handheld device, Wordsmith and our folding keyboard provides a truly portable solution for creating and editing documents while away from the office. Keyboard users will find even more value in our products when used with Blue Nomad's Wordsmith application."

WordSmith also makes life easy on stylus users by providing numerous pop-up menus, text selection options and Graffiti shortcuts. In addition, WordSmith is fully compatible with Microsoft Word and includes a bi-directional synchronization conduit for Windows. WordSmith is also compatible with any word processor capable of reading and writing "RTF" files. Lastly, for Linux and Macintosh users, WordSmith includes a command-line converter and separate document converter application, respectively. WordSmith is co-developed by Blue Nomad, a leading developer of backup and installation software for handheld computing systems and Quik Sense Software, makers of the popular financial application Quik Budget.

WordSmith Availability

WordSmith version 1.0 by Blue Nomad is available for a special introductory price of $29.95 through January 31, 2001 (regular price $39.95) from The trial version allows for 200 editing sessions and unlimited use of the enhanced memo pad and rich document viewer.
Finally I can format my Memopad files with bold!

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