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TM+ from the em2

Wed Feb 21, 2001 - 6:29 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Click for larger versionI got in the Thinmodem Plus from Card Access today, and although I haven't gone online with it yet, I thought I'd show you what I got using the eyemodule2 that I'm currently reviewing.

Yes that great status screen is still there, as well as the setup application. Browse-It and One-Touch combine for 370 KB (they can be deleted), leaving 7 MB of free memory for other applications.

In the picture I have a cool T-shirt that Card-Access sent me (love that slogan!). I also have on the T-shirt the TM+, its cable, and some connectors that CA also sent me that let you use a standard phone line with the Thinmodem. Perhaps they read about my travel woes.

As for the eyemodule2 (em2) pictures, they are actually 2 different photos for the different resolutions that the em2 offers (click the picture for the VGA photo). I have poor lighting, so the quality suffered.

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