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Travel Modem (Ir) by Psion

Before using your travel modem, you need to check your Psion PDA to ensure that you've installed all of the software that came it. We tested the travel modem with the Psion Revo; to operate the modem, we needed to have Email Synchronization 1.0 and Web Browser 2.01 loaded onto the Revo from its accompanying PsiWin 2.3 CD-ROM. If you plan to use your travel modem internationally, you need to install the modem's included EasySwitch software onto your PDA. To set up the Psion travel modem, we started the Modem application and entered the settings specified in the travel-modem user's manual. We then ran the eSetup wizard to enter our ISP account information. We turned on the modem, started the Web application, and connected to our ISP. Surfing the Web on any handheld PC, such as the Psion Revo, can be tedious--the small screen makes it difficult to see Web pages in their entirety, and the tiny keyboard makes navigation challenging. However, it does help to visit Web sites designed for PDA visitors (such as Anywhere at It's more practical to use the travel modem for sending and receiving e-mail, which is an intuitive process using the Revo's e-mail application. The travel modem requires an unobstructed line of sight with your Psion PDA and works well within its rated distance of 2 to 12 inches. One green LED indicates the modem is on, and another flashes as data is transmitting. During our tests, the travel modem (or the Revo) disconnected unexpectedly a few times. We saw no pattern to the disconnections, but it occurred less often when the Revo was in its docking cradle. In general, the travel modem works best for specific Internet tasks, such as getting e-mail or news that you can read offline. This modem lacks its own power supply but can use the one that comes with your Psion PDA. The travel modem lasts about four hours on two AA batteries. Overall, we found the travel modem to be very compact and convenient--a helpful, handy companion for your Psion Revo or Series 5 organizer.

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For Tinkerers Only !!!
I purchased one of these, and took it back within a week. It wasn\'t compatable with my keyboard, and there is no tech support offered on it. When I finaly got through to tech support, their answer to everything was that they didn\'t make the product for the Visor, but for the Psion. They didn\'t even know that the manual referenced using it with the Visor and Palm, as well as WinDoZe CE machines, and the CD came with the palm software. It was hard to configure, the best I was able to get out of it was to sync up Avantgo. I would not recommend this product unless you like to tinker around without support.
by sledgehammer


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