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Fact Sheet & User Opinions

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Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Ice, Orange

Availability Unknown

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  77% Thumbs Down 23%

Thumbs Up

Definatly something I would buy
This looks like a very good thing to get for my Visor. Currently I carry it around in a rhinoskin (not actual rhinoskin :) ) case which can be bulky. This is a perfect thing to use when I'm going out casually and need to protect my little black book.
by Coyote67

Thumbs Up

Excellent product
Well worth the price for convienance of not having a separate thingy for screen protection.
by BudPritchard

Thumbs Up

great except for module issue
It's terrific, just as advertised. I bought TWO. Of course, if you actually use modules, you'll want to buy more than one. The big problem is that modules that stick out--visor phone, eye module--can't be used with FlipCover. But for everyday use, it's what Handspring should've done in the first place.
by Mark Squires

Thumbs Up

Slim, well-fitting AND inexpensive
Ditto the article. Cover fits to the unit extremely well and adds no bulk. Issues with over-sized modules not a problem for me.
by K. Cannon

Thumbs Up

Flip cover and the Prism
I bought the Prism version of the FlipCover and the springboard module adapter part. I put the module adapter on my 8 meg memory module and it works great. My only complaint, I wish the cover was the same color as the Prism
by halldp

Thumbs Up

In a word: wonderful.
I purchased a FlipCover Standard Adapter. This is the model designed for users of standard-sized springboards. I have owned it for approximately 6 weeks. Appearance: Excellent. I chose the blue cover so it would match my Nokia phone. It is more transparent than I expected (from examining the photos on the website), but that is not a bad thing. The only complication that I had was that I spent about 5 minutes trying to clean a smudge off of the outside of the cover that turned out to be on the inside. Oops! The hinge matches the color of the cover perfectly. The anchor is black and is textured exactly like the graphite case (which I have). This cover has four little 'legs' (like the original clip-on cover has) to help prevent scratches. The hinge and cover are easily removeable which will allow us vain types to have multiple colors! Installation: Easy as pie. All you do is clip the cover on, align the anchor, peel off the backing on the adhesive and press it into place. The only difficulty I had was removing the backing... I don't have decent fingernails! Fit: Tight! The cover fits flush around all edges, and hooks over he top and bottom. The bottom clips snugly into place. Holding it up to a light, I could see no real gap between the cover and the Visor... I could slide a piece of paper carefully inbetween, but could not slide in a business card. My original equipment cover was very loose; I could slide several business cards inbetween the cover and the body of the Visor. The anchor is shaped to perfectly match the top of a Springboard (in my case, a 8MB flash module). At a glance, you can't even tell it is there. Upon close examination, you can see that it is not part of the Springboard, but that does not detract from the Visor's appearance in any way. The adhesive used is quite impressive. I dangled my Visor by the cover with no problems at all. I even got brave and swung it in a vertical loop at arm's length... again, no loosening. I then pulled on it hard enough that my Springboard started coming out; at which point I was satisfied that it was not going to come loose anytime soon. The whole cover increases the length of the Visor by about 2 mm (compared to the original clip-on cover). Price: $16.55, including shipping. I received it exactly a week after ordering it.
by ThirdMan

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