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(Executive Kit, Exotic woods)
(Executive Kit, Standerd woods)
(Deluxe Kit, Exotic woods)
(Deluxe kit, Standerd woods)

GoStyle by Tech Style Computers

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Cellular phones and PDAs have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, in their current state, they lack any sense of expression other than their mundane plastic packaging.

GoStyle kits are made of a thin veneer of real wood that is installed by the consumer. With easy-to-follow directions, the GoStyle kit installs within minutes.

With our patented process, the GoStyle wood kit will always remain secure. Should you decide to remove it at any time, it will leave no marks on your original plastic finish.

With a generous selection of domestic and exotic woods, the GoStyle kits compliment the individuality expressed in other parts of our lives. Your cell phone and PDA are an important part of your lifestyle - shouldn't they also express your style and taste? Real wood. Real Style. Real Easy.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  29% Thumbs Down 71%

Thumbs Up

Not for Geeks
These GoStyle kits are not for everyone. As a employee of TechStyle, we realized long ago it is a total waste of time marketing to geeks. How many gigahertz and megabytes it has is more important than how it looks. Our faithful clients are architects, designers, and people who understand style, quality and substance. Drive a BMW, study how the switches and materials look and feel. "$50,000!?" the geeks will bemoan, "my Subaru is half that!" Yes... yes it is. Both will get you where you are going, but only one will leave you with a smile on your face when you get there. GoStyle, or for that matter not having a GoStyle, defines who you are. A toast to our differences! Cheers!
by GoStyle Proponent

Thumbs Down

It's a $30 sticker
I really had a suprise when I opened this. I was expecting a cover that actually replaced the top portion of the visors casing(hadn't gotten mine yet) but all it was turned out to be a thick sticker made of wood. What an honest waste of money.
by tony

Thumbs Up

Must be too much style for the rest of you! Why not personalize my visor.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Something Different
What a way to cover another ugly device.
by woodman

Thumbs Up

Too sophisticated for y'all
This is great. I have some ideas though, what about some inlaid leather in the wood. And maybe some copper shiny stuff on the corners for instance. More class.
by wokka

Thumbs Up

My Visor looks like a 1970's wood panel station wagon.
My Visor is now bringing back childhood memories of rides to the grocery store with mom in our 1976 wood panel Oldsmobile station wagon. I feel a great sense of peace everytime I see my wood panel Visor. There are some negative side effects to having a wooden Visor: My dog tries to pee on it, my bird tries to chew on it, my cat uses it as a scratching post, my brother tried to saw it in half, and my Visor has termites! It really does look cool though..
by Joe Cool

Thumbs Down

What a gimmick. Way overpriced for a dumb-looking sticker. I like how the company tried to make it sound wonderful..but let's face it..It's still just a big, ugly sticker for your $250 Visor. I don't think so. Not for my $30.
by gEE ThrEE

Thumbs Down

To old style for my taste.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

you grow up
I'm staying young
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Makes the Visor look like one of those bad American car's dashboards!
by Jens Ewerling

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