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USB Dilemma

Thu Sep 16, 1999 - 2:54 PM EDT - By Anthony Vargas

Serial Cradle Option

Serial Cradle Option

Windows 95 that have an USB port will have to order the serial cradle or upgrade to Windows 98. Some versions of Windows 95 supports limited USB services, however, Handspring does not recommend that the USB cradle should used with Windows 95 at all. Windows NT does not support USB either, so the serial cradle is a necessity for NT users until Windows 2000 is released.

The serial cradle costs $19.95 when purchased with a Visor. Visor Deluxe ships with a USB cradle, while Visor (Solo) does not.

No USB port?

Users with Windows 98 but no USB ports at all can buy a USB expansion card that gives your computer two or more USB ports. In addition to connecting to Visor with much higher speeds, you gain the benefit of also being able to use all the new USB products. PCI USB cards can be found for as low as $24 - click here for a list of cards.

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