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A Consumer's Perspective

Sun Oct 31, 1999 - 2:54 PM EST - By Mike Lee

Handspring Acknowledges Errors

My experience has not been as isolated as it may appear. Handspring has posted an addition to their Shipping News page that details some of the problems they have been experiencing. The website sites one problem after another:

"Some orders were shipped, and billed to credit cards, at double (or more) of the original order."

I contacted Handspring for comment last week and spoke to a Handspring official who commented:

"Our number one priority is to make our customers happy."

They also commented that their entire website was being completely rebuilt and that they have more then doubled their customer service department. This demonstrates Handspring acknowledges problems and is working towards improving service. This will work in the long run but after my phone calls this weekend, I am not happy, nor satisfied with the way I was treated as a consumer or a human being. To get into a fight with a customer service representative about the reason I was calling a company I will be buying products from, is appalling.

Handspring is a new company. They are young, and some problems are not uncommon. From a business perspective, with a product this popular, it is expected to have difficulties meeting demand. The manner in which they handle demand, and customers is in question. I have no problem hearing that a delay at the factory, or a shortage of chips will cause a delay with my product. Those are forces completely outside of my hands and I have to deal with them. When I feel like a company is not giving me a straight answer, or does not respect me as a customer, or a person, that is when I am dissatisfied.


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