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Thalia Products Handhelper Module Preview

Tue Apr 25, 2000 - 1:58 AM EDT - By James Hromadka


Kitchen/bathroom appliancesHere are the appliances that are due out in late 2000:
  • Thalia TimeHelper™ alarm clock (see uses above)
  • Thalia HomeHelper™ console (kitchen console) - Allows people to communicate with and control all HLT-Smart™ appliances in the home from the kitchen.  It can connect to the Internet with its built-in 56K modem and has additional memory to store specific information – recipes, schedules, appointments and calendars for the family and more.  Uses a simple, water-proof touch-pad.
  • Thalia HandHelper™ PDA (Springboard module) - a portable version of the HomeHelper™ console that can receive shopping lists, daily schedules and coupons electronically from the HomeHelper.  Its small size and portability make it perfect for trips to the store (with electronic coupons ready to go).  You can also use it as a cordless phone around the house.
  • Sunbeam HLT-Smart Coffemaker® (see uses above)
  • Sunbeam HLT-Smart Blanket with a Brain® electric blanket - When the TimeHelper™ alarm clock sounds, the blanket shuts off; you can also preset the blanket to turn on at a specific time and temperature.
  • Health-o-Meter HLT-Smart Bathroom Scale® - Regular charting of weight gets easier with a smart scale that whispers your weight to the HomeHelper console, where an ongoing record is kept for your review.  Four different people in a home can chart their weights based on age, body type, etc., get recipe recommendations if dieting is in order and, if desired, automatically transmit the information to their doctors without having to think about it.  Of course, there’s a feature that keeps a person’s data private inside the household!
  • Sunbeam HLT-Smart Blood Pressure Monitor® - Records readings and stores them for review and/or transmits to your doctor’s office.
  • Sunbeam HLT-Smart Mixmaster® - Now I can finally cook!  This mixer has a built-in measuring device, and when used in a home with the Thalia™ HomeHelper™ kitchen console, it will automatically measure any ingredient poured into its bowl – no more measuring cups.   The Thalia™ HomeHelper™ console and Sunbeam HLT-Smart™ Stand Mixer will do the math when adjusting recipes for a different number of servings.  Running low on flour?  The HLT-Smart™ stand mixer and HomeHelper™ console will add flour to your shopping list, with just the touch of a button.  And you will be able to receive an electronic coupon right in the kitchen and take it to the store with you in the HandHelper™ PDA.
  • Sunbeam’s HLT-Smart™ Smoke/CO Detector - Automatically tells the TimeHelper™ clock and HomeHelper™ console where the problem is.  When the battery is low, it will tell the TimeHelper™ clock and the HomeHelper™ console that it’s time for its battery to be replaced.
Future products will include climate control, lighting control and a burglar alarm.  The HLT circuitry is compatible with e-Smart, UPnP, Jini, and X.10.  The HLT appliances will have security and encryption features so children can't change settings and there won't be any interferance with your neighbor's system.


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