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Springing into action

Last Updated Wed Jun 28, 2000 - 3:55 AM EDT - By James Hromadka

Symbol, PSC, MiniJam, InnoPak, Franklin

Symbol will be shipping its CSM150 barcode scanner module this August for $159. The 2MB module will not drain the Visor too much and has a scanning range of up to 8". The module is very durable and exceeds Handspring's durability recommendations.

Another scanner, this one made by PSC, is the Momentum scanner module. This module comes in 2MB/4MB configurations and can scan up to 11" from the item being scanned. Applications for the Momentum range from the Grocer-eScan™ home shopping solution to general-purpose barcode scanning. The PSC Momentum is available now for $299, and a special cradle that recharges the module's batteries.

The much-ballyhooed InnoGear is almost set to deliver its MiniJam module, which should be available in early August after a pre-order period that will begin in a few weeks. The MiniJam will come in 32MB ($199) and 64MB ($259) configurations, and can support up to 128MB of data in its two MMC slots. Although the module will only work inside the Visor, an optional A/C adapter allows you to listen to your tunes at your desk. Software includes the MiniJukeBox player, the Peanut Press reader, and the Club Photo picture viewer.

Following the MiniJam, next up from InnoGear will be the InnoPak/2M, a 56k memory/modem combo module. The module will be similar to the SixPak in that you plug in a RJ-11 cable into a "door" on the back of the module. The IP/2M will come in the same special ice and graphite colors as the InnoPak/2V. The IP/2M will be around $129 and will be released a few weeks before the SixPak, which is due this September.

Franklin Electronic Publishers currently has the $199 Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) module available, and is working on several ebook modules: the 100,000 word Merriam Webster Dictionary module, the King James Version Bible, and a Spanish-English Dictionary.

All three modules are due in September-October for $49.95 each. Six months from now, we should several more medical modules: Harrison's Internal Medicine, the Washington Manual for Medical Theraputics, and the Handbook of Adverse Drug Interactions.

Day 1 Prologue

After running up and down the four levels of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and getting gouged on the cost of a coke and a hot dog, we were happy to attend the GoAmerica event at the U.S.S. Intrepid. A few Heinekens and a trip to McDonalds (much) later, Marcus and I began working on the articles. Seven hours and two broken air conditioning units later, we finally finished for the day.


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