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InnoGear Comdex Interview

Last Updated Fri Nov 17, 2000 - 7:50 PM EST - By James Hromadka

More on the InnoDrive

Hromadka: Is that something that's going to be in the initial release of the InnoDrive/MS or is that something that's going to happen from a product update down the line? What are your goals for the initial release of the InnoDrive?

Eisenbach: The InnoDrive will be released in late Q1/early Q2 2001, and what we can guarantee right now is file storage and the ability to run your applications off the memory stick. As for the camera, that's right now a big cloud for us because Sony just announced these products and they will give us the information that we need around December, so whatever we can cram in by the product's release we'll do. As with all InnoGear products we'll have the capability for software upgrades, so if we find a new feature we'll implement it.

Hromadka: The InnoDrive is going to be a series of products so will the MMC takeoff from the MiniJam have similar functionality as the InnoDrive/MS?

Eisenbach: We will try to give it the same functionality as the InnoDrive/MS; it will store applications and allow you to run applications off the MMC cards. We will come out with a dedicated product, InnoDrive/MMC, which will probably also have a serial port to connect other devices like GPS. For example, you can store large maps on your MMC cards and have a GPS app access those.

But also we will take the software that we write for the InnoDrive family and apply it to the MiniJam. That's something that a lot of our MiniJam users have waited for since day one and we'll apply this so that people who right now have a MiniJam can use the same functionality - copy files off their MiniJam and also run them.

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