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OmniSky vs. YadaYada

Fri Feb 2, 2001 - 3:27 PM EST - By Scott Hanselman


YadaYada includes a Proxy-based web browser with technology from PumaTech. It works very well and is quite fast. Images look very nice on it. OmniSky uses a modified version of the Web Clipping application that comes with PalmVIIs. It is a VERY fast browser, but it's image support is weak. The YadaYada browser is truer to what a site looks like on a PC. Of course, you are free to abandon them both and use Bluelark's Blazer, which is what I do. Both services support using whatever Palm Web Browser you'd like to.

Blazer AvantGo

OmniSky PumaTech

OmniSky does include support for PQA (Palm Query Apps) which opens the door to thousands of small Web Clipping Apps from

There is a beta piece of software from JP Systems, Inc. that allows anyone with a modem and Palm OS 3.1 or higher to use most PQAs. This works fairly well with YadaYada's modem, and fills a gap in their service. This software is unaffiliated with YadaYada and OmniSky.

Both Services surf the Net well, but I'd have to give YadaYada the edge on Web Browsing.

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