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Visor Survival - Tips and Tricks

Fri Feb 9, 2001 - 11:22 AM EST - By Alan Graham


Dialup account with "800" access
You should make sure you have a dial-up ISP account with "800" number access. If you rely on a dial-up connection while travelling, I have found that many "nationwide" ISPs have lousy local service. On many occasions I have run into non-working local numbers and been unable to get another access number. If you browse heavily, this is not a solution for you (unless you subscribe to Robb Report, but for reliable "anywhere" access to your POP mail or a quick web query, this is a great service to have. I use a big name ISP, and even when their local numbers have failed, their "800" service has never left me down. 

Important Tip: Depending on the city you travel to, if you stay in a hotel you may find that their charges for local and "800" calls are often over $1 per call. If I hate anything more than their $5 candy bars, it is their local phone call charges (I once ran up a $300 local phone bill from checking e-mail while in New Jersey, d'oh). Here is a tip if you can't get wireless access or you have a Visor land-line modem. Many of the newer hotels (and airports) around the country have pay phones with data ports. If you can find a pay phone with a data port, it is still free to make an "800" call to your ISP. Just hook up your Visor and let it rip. I guarantee that the one minute usage charge for the "800" ISP use is less than a local call on a pay phone or in a hotel room. If you can't find a pay phone with a data port, see if a local business will let you make an "800" call.

If you travel with your Visor and you have a number of modules, you better insure it! Don't make me scold you!

Portico from General Magic 
I can't say enough good things about the Portico service. But, Portico deserves it's own article! Suffice to say that it syncs with your Visor and provides you with services you won't find anywhere else. A fee based service, it is worth every penny! Check it out.

These are just some of my own survival tips for a happy Visor experience on the go. It can be a jungle or even a desert out there. Having a few of these items will keep you computing no matter what you may run in to. I am sure you have some survival tips of your own. Please join the Travel discussion and share them.


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