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InnoPocket vs. MatchBookDrive

Mon Mar 5, 2001 - 10:20 AM EST - By Scott Hanselman


The MatchBookDrive consists of three pieces, two pieces of plastic that snap together, and the actual circuit board adapter that provides the CF->SpringBoard adapter. The plastic is a flexible and cloudy clear. Colors will be available soon. Some folks in the newsgroups have complained that the MatchBookDrive feels flimsy, and would break easily. I admit I had the same impression. The plastic case doesn't snap together very tightly, but inventor Keith Hudson says this is by design so you can gain easy access. A bit of superglue fixed the problem for me. The plastic, however, is considerably stronger than it looks. Since it's of a flexible "memory" type plastic, you have to nearly fold it in half before it gets close to breaking. I ran a MatchBookDrive over with my car (minus the CF Card) and it didn't crack or shatter. I folded it in half with a pair of pliers and although the circuit board broke, the case only split after it was completely in half. So, it's light weight and cloudy color may seem cheap, but it is fairly rugged.

The InnoPocket is built of a clearer, less flexible plastic. The case itself, minus the circuitry is slightly heavier than the MatchBookDrive's, and consequently, feels more significant. It did break when driven over by my Saturn L-Series Sedan. The InnoPocket does excel with its thumb-ridges that make removing the whole CF Adapter from your Visor much easier. Thumbs up on this innovation.

Both CF Cards include a "track" that meshes with the notches that are standard on the sides of CF Cards. The track is considerably longer in the InnoPocket, extending nearly to the opening. This gives the InnoPocket a more substantial feel. The MatchBookDrive gives when it's squeeze, while the InnoPocket gains rigidity from this internal track.

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