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Tue Mar 6, 2001 - 10:44 AM EST - By Alan Graham

Visor Paddleball Game

Raise your hand if you've been caught in a low battery situation and in desperate need of your Visor's many tools? Ever been in a waiting room with nothing to do, but not wanting to use up precious battery power playing Klondike?

No problem now! With the Visor Paddlegame Recharger, you can entertain yourself and charge your battery at the same time. Not only can you avoid leaving those important meetings when power runs low, you can help ease the monotony.

The Executive

The Visor Phone was a good idea, but what if you are sitting at your desk? You already have all your numbers programmed into your Visor. Plus, do you want to use up your valuable free minutes or pay all those airtime fees? For those of us looking for a desktop telephony solution, look no further than The Executive. It picks up where the Visor Phone leaves off.

Features Include:

  • Fashionable black finish.
  • Exotic "retro" rotary dial function.
  • Long "rubberized" black cord with cordless telephone range.
  • Buttons for Hold and Accidental Hang-up.
  • Optional MP3 player for music "on-hold."

So, next time you feel like giving me a hard time for voicing my views or giving a tough review, remember what you saw here. I am not just a writer, I am a techno-prophet.


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