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Raycom Personal Massager

Mon Dec 9, 2002 - 9:16 AM EST - By Jonathan Hoffman

The Smart Power Pack

Raynet technologies was smart enough to include an optional power pack that is able to work with the massager for all non Visor or non PDA users. If you look closely at the module you will notice a small connector slot that connects to the power pack. Using small metal pins, the power pack easily connects to the module. The power pack uses 2 AAA batteries and is very light and simple. There are only 2 buttons on the power pack itself but nevertheless the massager is still able to do just about everything it can do in the Visor. By following the simple steps on the diagram in the back of the power pack, one can enjoy the same massaging experience that is felt while the module is in a Visor.

 I also heard that Raynet will release in the future a product that allows this module to be used with any Palm handheld through the ingenious slot connector. I personally think that this will be a very smart thing for Raynet to do seeing how sadly few Visors can actually be found today.

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Product Info
Name Personal Massager
Company Raynet Technologies
Weight (module) 0.7 oz.
Weight (w/ cables) 2.0 oz.
Memory needed 7 Kb
Color Yes
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