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Tue Dec 21, 1999 - 9:00 AM EST - By James Hromadka


MyBible manages to cram the entire Bible into less than 2 MB.  MyBible consists of the MyBible program, which is 32K.  Depending on the translation, you will need between 200K-1500K available.  The complete NIV Bible plus the MyBible reader is 1446K.  Because many Palm OS compatibles have <2 MB RAM, the fact that you can specify what books of the Bible are installed is a real plus.  There are eight modules of the Bible that you can install.  The entire New Testament is on modules 7 and 8.  Once installed, you can also remove any book that you wish.

Upgrade or Not?

The following is a list of features from Laridian’s website of the differences between MyBible and Scripture.  Currently Laridian has a special deal for Scripture owners.  Go to Laridian’s website for more information.

  • MyBible lets you set bookmarks on your favorite passages. Tap the bookmark icon at the top of the screen to go to, set, or clear a bookmark.
  • MyBible lets you selectively delete individual books of the Bible to conserve memory on your Palm device.
  • MyBible lets you easily switch between two or more installed Bibles by tapping the translation name at the top of the screen, then tapping the Bible you want to open.
  • MyBible displays the translator’s footnotes for the Bibles that include them.
  • MyBible supports moving to the previous and next verse, chapter, book or "found" verse from a search. Some (but not all) of these were in the Scripture beta.
  • Searching is fixed with respect to all-upper-case words. A search for "day of the Lord" now works correctly regardless of the state of the "Ignore Case" checkbox.

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