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Quicksheet 5.0

Sun Jul 23, 2000 - 10:20 PM EDT - By Douglas Morse


As is customary in the film industry, Brooks and I haggled  -- I scribbled my notes right in Quicksheet. I even filled in numbers I hadn't yet found anywhere. The information regarding Telecine (high quality transfer to video) went on the top sheet and the final quote Brooks gave me to get to the Telecine was calculated. He quoted a lump sum that was slightly better than the original quote. I had been hoping to grab another 5% (and thus plug in -.15 to my formula) but I didn't get that chance. Now I have to call around town and find out if his is the best Telecine quote.

Excited, I came home and pressed the hotsync button. I then opened up Excel, clicked on the Quicksheet menu and opened up my file. Unchanged from the morning.

I was confused. Where was all of the work I had done with Brooks? All of my careful notes, my calculations. I tried again. Nothing. Then I went to the handheld and opened up Quicksheet. Ah, there it was. All of my notes. Puzzled, I went to file, save. That seemed to do something. Though I had never had to save something on the Visor before. And when I pressed hotsync, there it was. All of my research, ready to go -- formatted and everything! One drawback to spreadsheets in general is that the Visor's screen resolution is small. I’ve been searching for a small (crunched) font option for applications such as this but have not yet found it.

But that's a minor quible.  One reason I started out with the Pilot 1000 way back is that it could collect my jumble of Post-its and make sense of my usually incomprehensible handwriting, on both my computer and handheld. In the past, I would come out of a meeting like that and have a pile of notes that I might not be able to read or make sense of. Thank you, Quicksheet!


This is an amazing program, well designed and surprisingly useful. However,you have to be careful when designing spreadsheets not to use extra columns and perhaps even use small words to cram more on the Visor screen.  Quicksheet is from Cutting Edge Software and costs $39.95 with future upgrades free. A fantastic deal.



Design 5
Usability 4
Documentation 5
Installation 5
(not an average)
- Easy to use
- Well designed manual
- Easy set up
- A bit hard to navigate on the tiny screen
- Lack of a condensed fon
-Doesn’t automatically differentiate between text and numbers like Excel


Product Info
» Name Quicksheet 5.0
» Company Cutting Edge Software
» Fact Sheet & User Opinions
» Unknown
» $39.95

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