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Pocket Express Entertainment Pack

Fri Jan 12, 2001 - 3:15 PM EST - By Scott Hanselman

The Games

Tetris Classic

This game is one of the high points of this Springboard. I've played every Tetris clone available for the Palm, but this is the definitive version. It's got the snazzy Russian music, 4 different game styles, animated explosions, and more. The object, of course, is to position falling "Tetramino" blocks across the bottom of a pit. Fill and clear entire horizontal lines to earn points. The more lines you clear, the faster the blocks fall. It's a VERY good version of Tetris. But unless you LOVE Tetris, don't buy the Springboard just for this game, just buy Tetris.

Lode Runner: The Legend Returns

Lode Runner is the other high note in this pack. It plays exactly as the original did. I remember playing Lode Runner on my IBM PCjr. It was great to see how well it works on a PalmPilot. The story is that you control gold miner Jake Peril through a maze of ladders. Collect gold treasure and avoid the evil "monks" who lurk at every turn. This version has 150 levels, so your hands will hurt very quickly!

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Name Entertainment Pack
Company Pocket Express
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