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Innogear sells unique MiniJam Trio on eBay
Tue Mar 18, 2003 - 1:52 PM EST
By Marcus Adolfsson

Innogear is selling a development unit of the MiniJam Trio, a springboard module that never made it to the market, on ebay. They have only a few units of this RARE, one of a kind module!

MiniJam TRIO is a 64 MB MP3 Player, Voice Recorder and File Storage Handspring Module and is flush to the Handspring Visor (unlike the original MiniJam). The original MiniJam also lacked Voice Recorder capabilities.

- 64MB for up to 60 Minutes of MP3 Audio or 15 Hours or AAC audio
- 15 hours of Voice Recording
- 2MB of Flash memory for file storage
- Weight: .5oz or 15 grams

Included in the box: MiniJam TRIO Springboard Module Earbud Headphones CD-ROM with required software, Music Match Plus, RealPlayer,RealJukebox and MP3 Music

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