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Slipper Visor with VisorPhone Case

Thu May 3, 2001 - 12:38 PM EDT - By Susan Midlarsky

The flip top

Since I use my Visor a lot for one-handed reading, it's important that the top not flip down over the screen. When the case first came it would always flip down. I improvised a solution: a black hair elastic around the flip top. This can be stretched behind the antenna or the belt clip to hold it open.

 It would be useful if the company would incorporate something like this, or move the flip cover to open on the side so it can be pulled around the back. The antenna and module prevent the cover being pulled around the top. After a few days of the elastic solution, though, the cover seems to stay open more easily by itself.

Top view of elastic holding case open The flip top provides adequate screen protection, but it also has slots for credit cards and money. An old plastic credit card or ID in one of these slots can provide extra screen protection.

Don't buy this case for protection from the elements. The morning after my case came in the mail, I walked to my car carrying bags, coffee cup, and wearing my Visor on the clip. I had bent over to pick something up, and discovered in the car that a little coffee had spilled onto the top of the Visor, wetting the VisorPhone speaker and button area. Fortunately no harm was done. The case also exposes other areas, and there is no plastic covering the screen or buttons. This is great for usability but not for protection.

Another reader reports that the pockets inside the flip cover impact the screen in such a way as to cause automatic speed dialing or launch applications that may crash his Visor. This is with or without anything in the pockets. I did not find this to be the case; my cover sits well away from the screen.

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Product Info
» Name Slipper Visor with VisorPhone Case
» Company E&B Company
» Fact Sheet & User Opinions
» Unknown
» $54.95 (w/ clip)
» $51.95 (w/o clip)

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