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Review: Visorsolution's PowerPlug

Sun Dec 9, 2001 - 9:15 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

Product Info
Name PowerPlug
Company Visor Solutions
Fact Sheet & User Opinions
$20.5 (Visor Edge)
$13.5 (Visor Prism, Pro)

Dead easy to use

With the PowerPlug, you can use the standard Visor Power supply (or any other similar DC power source) to charge your Visor Prism, Pro, and Edge.

This adaptor is really just a spring-loaded hotsync connector to a 1.4 mm DC jack. Use of the PowerPlug is dead simple. Take your power supply, and plug it into the bottom of the adaptor, than plug the adaptor into the Visor.

The Visor is automatically charging, and of course you can always use it while it's charging. If you have a spare Prism cradle like I do, that it's no problem for me to steal a power supply - but if your a frequent traveler, and you will need this often it might make since investing in a travel charger that includes the power supply; it is somewhat cumbersome to have to switch all the time and than forge through the mess of cables to replug the power supply into your cradle.

This adapter was hand assembled and as I got an early unit the way to assemble them wasn't finalized yet. In my units they were first glued together, than for extra safety they were melted with a solder iron.

The BattPlug looked fine, but my PowerPlug connector area was quite rough. I have been assured many times now that the process has been changed so that it keeps a smooth finish and will not cause these rough spots.

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