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Open Box Visor Deals

Sun Apr 21, 2002 - 8:04 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

VisorCentral recently discovered Consumer Depot. Consumer Depot is a national liquidator of computer overstock and demo products. They have a retail presence in Nashville, TN.

While they have great deals on many items, they appear to have a strong supply of Visors. Generally they are open box, but prices drop up to $40 more if the screen is scratched. They appear to be the perfect place to get a second PDA, or a replacement PDA at a great cost. The PDA listings are here. They also have a page for accesories. Please note that quantities are limited.

Visor 2 MB - Screen Scratch = $35
Visor 2 MB = $55
Visor Deluxe - Screen Scratch = $59
Visor Deluxe = $79
Visor Neo - Screen Scratch = $99
Visor Edge - Screen Scratch = $109
Visor Platinum - Screen Scratch = $109
Visor Neo = $125 ($120 from GetHighTech)
Visor Platinum = $135
Visor Edge = $139
Visor Prism - Screen Scratch = $149
Visor Pro = $149
Visor Prism = $189 ($130 from GetHighTech)

I'm not going to give specifics on the accesories but they have cradles for all models from $15, and they have cases from $9.99

For more deals, GoMadic is offering Free Shipping to anywhere in the world with coupon code "VisorCentral". GoMadic makes many types of cellphone to Visor cables. They also offer cables for the Visor Edge.

Last of all, GetHighTech has refurbished Visor Neo's for $120. Prism for $130, and Deluxes for $100. Quantities limited.

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