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Raycom Personal Massager

Mon Dec 9, 2002 - 9:16 AM EST - By Jonathan Hoffman

Product Info
Name Personal Massager
Company Raynet Technologies
Weight (module) 0.7 oz.
Weight (w/ cables) 2.0 oz.
Memory needed 7 Kb
Color Yes
Fact Sheet & User Opinions


When the Springboard was invented people probably didn't think that we would ever see a module that could provide a relaxing massage. A massager that works off a Visor was a thought out of the ordinary. Who would of thought that their Visor would have been able to actually produce them a real, physical massage? Well Raynet technologies thought and boy did they think well.

How it Works

The Raycom Personal Massager works off EMS technology (Electronic Muscle Stimulation). By emitting electronic zaps, a feeling similar to hands rubbing your back can be felt. You might be mislead when I say electronic zaps and think that the thing electrocutes you but really what it basically does is send very small amounts of electricity through your body and from this, a tingling, at first weird, but then relaxing sensation is created. EMS machines are used by most chiropractors and are a good way to relieve muscles pains.

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