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Type away with ThumBoard

Thu Dec 6, 2001 - 2:11 PM EST - By Lisa Rosselli

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Name Thumboard
Company Seiko Austin
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There seem to be quite a few "mini" keyboards popping up everywhere these days. These sorts of keyboards mimic those most of us have seen implemented on the RIM Blackberry handhelds.

When my brother was first testing the Blackberry on behalf of his company, I had just purchased my Platinum and was green with envy of that compact, functional keyboard on his handheld. These days, I don't have to be jealous, especially since I have received the Seiko ThumBoard.

The ThumBoard keyboard line marks the beginning of Seiko's company diversification into the PDA/handheld market. It is a very functional, easy to use, and truly portable solution for any data entry circumstance.


The Seiko ThumBoard is a lightweight 55 key QWERTY keyboard that also includes specific functions for navigating and operating the Palm OS. It is about 10cm wide (at it's widest width), 8cm high, and 2 cm in depth (Visor model).

The Visor slips completely into this device and snaps into place to indicate the connection is complete. When the ThumBoard is attached, the graffiti area is completely covered and the keyboard adds 3cm to the length of the Visor handheld.

The picture to the right makes the ThumBoard buttons seem convex, or placed below the main plastic surface. In reality, they are not convex at all. All buttons have a rubber feel and extend a millimeter or two out from the main surface.

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