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Titanium (Ti) Slider Hardcase

Tue Jan 4, 2000 - 8:00 AM EST - By James Hromadka

If you want the very best in protection for your Visor, you should look at the Titanium (Ti) Slider from RhinoSkin.  The Ti Slider uses a patent-pending sliding design that lets you open the case and slide the cover underneath.  This allows you to hold the Visor without a bulky case getting in the way.  The case has little nubs on both sides for stability when you set the Visor down that remind me of little rivets since the outside is all titanium.  Inside the case, the Visor is protected by a neoprene inner lining, which adds shock absorbency to the Visor and protects it from drops and collisions.  There is also an optional ClipPak available for people who want to attach the Ti Slider to their belts.

The Visor itself is not held in by anything but a neoprene lining that is cut to allow the Visor to stay in place.  I wouldn’t turn it upside down, but the Visor fits nice and snug inside when the entire set-up is carried normally.  There is also a cutout behind the Visor to hold about five business cards, which could come in quite handy if you are out on a construction site and making business contacts.

If there is one thing I would change about the Ti Slider, it would be the square casing.  When closed, the Ti Slider looks like a box and is not the most visually appealing item which can hold the Visor.  I took my Visor to a meeting at work and heard a few negative comments as to the look of the case.  When my wife saw the case, she said that "a woman would never buy that case.*"  This could be in part because my previous case was a leather snap-on case that looked pretty nice.  I have used the Ti Slider for several weeks and have not heard any other comments.

Ir Port

I can tell that the Ti Slider for the Visor is a modified version of the model for the Palm III because of the cutout at the top for the Ir port on the Palm organizers.  I have found that if you want to use the Ir port on the Visor without removing it from the case (or are left-handed) you can turn the Visor upside down in the Ti Slider.  This is most likely not the intended way to hold the Visor, but it does work for those who really want to use the Ir port with the Visor still in the Ti Slider.


Opening the Ti Slider is just like opening a book.  Once the Ti Slider is open all the way, the left side slides underneath the right side.  The Ti Slider also comes with instructions on adjusting the tightness of the hinges.  There is a small amount of noise when sliding the left side into place, and I wish the hinges would have had a plastic washer or something similar to reduce noise.  The good thing is that the case slides out of the way.  When I hold the Visor in the Ti Slider, the overall size is not too much wider than if I was holding the Visor by itself.  This makes writing for extended periods of time much easier.

I really like the protection that this case offers.  When my Visor is inside, I do not worry about dropping it.  I have read plenty of stories about users with other RhinoSkin Ti cases who have dropped, run over, or otherwise assaulted their Palm organizers with no ill effects.  I am not advocating that you test your Ti Slider’s abilities, but reading those stories makes me more confident that an accident won’t crack my Visor’s screen.

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Product Info
» Name Titanium Slider case
» Company RhinoSkin
» Weight ~5 oz
» Size 5.1" x 3.4" x 0.8"
» Fact Sheet & User Opinions
» Unknown
» $61.99

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