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Backup & 8MB Flash Module

Fri Jun 29, 2001 - 1:01 PM EDT - By Scott Hanselman

Hagiwara 8Meg+Backup Module fits flush with the Visor, so users should have no problems with any carrying case. The hard cover that comes with the Visor fits quite nicely over the module when on the back of the Visor. The Hagiwara 8Meg+Backup Module weighs approximately 0.6 oz, while the small plastic stub that came with the Visor weighs 0.2 oz.

The Hagiwara 8Meg+Backup Module virtually doubles the memory in your 8 Meg Visors. It includes 8 megs of flash storage and a data management software utility called File Mover. File Mover allows you to copy individual applications and databases to and from the Module. Unfortunately, flash memory modules don't support writing small amounts of data in an elegant manner as does internal Visor memory. So, modifications to database records are prohibited when the databases reside in flash storage such as the 8MB Flash Module. Basically think of the Module as being a chunk of read-only memory. Most read-only style applications like dictionaries, games, work fine in Flash, but you just won't know until you try. You can also put big apps like DateBk4 and WordSmith in Flash, but leave the data in main memory to be modified. The Hagiwara 8Meg+Backup Module also includes a simple Backup application - and this is what sets it apart from a standard Flash Module.

While the Hagiwara 8Meg+Backup Module includes 8MB of flash memory, a very small portion of this memory is reserved for system use. This area holds the File Mover application as well as associated system support software and data. When you insert the module for the very first time, it formats the Flash memory. You are automatically presented with the FileMover Application as well as the Backup Application. Applications that are in Flash show up in the Application Launcher with a dot in front of their names.

It appears that the Memory dedicated to flash storage and the Memory dedicated to Backup is completely separate and partitioned. I would have expected this module to be a 16 Meg module, and if the My Backup only took 5 Megs, I'd have 11 Megs free. This is NOT the case. You get 8 Megs for Backup and 8 megs for Storage; each doesn't know about the other.

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