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Don't look directly into your stylus!

Sat Jul 13, 2002 - 10:58 PM EDT - By Kenneth Crandall


The combination of pen, stylus, and laser pointer works great. I use it quite often when I give presentations. The pen itself works great and has a good feel to it. Switching between the pen and stylus is quite easy with just a twist of the cap. The only qualm I have with using the pen is that it is slightly top heavy due to the batteries and laser apparatus.

Using the laser is great, especially indoors. Outside on a sunny day is a different story. It is difficult to see the laser during the day, because the sun drowns out the light. At night however, you are able to take advantage of the full 1,500 ft range.

I frequently lecture on various aviation topics. The other day I was speaking to a group of pilots regarding the use of technology to aid in flight planning. I brought this pen/stylus/pointer with me and used it during my presentation. I found it very handy for what I was presenting. I used a PowerPoint presentation to present the material, and pointed to various items on the screen using the laser pointer function of the pen. Later in the presentation I did a live demonstration using my Visor to show the different Palm OS programs which are aviation related. It was great to just flip the laser pointer over and have a stylus to use with my Visor.


I know this may sound silly in a review but it is serious. The laser pointer comes with a warning label which you can remove. However, remember what it has to say. Avoid contact with eyes. Laser radiation can cause instant damage to your eyes due to its power. Never shine it into your eyes or anybody else. Also, if you are traveling on an airplane laser pointers were originally on the ban list for carry-on luggage. I am not sure if the rule has changed but I would recommend placing it into your checked baggage.

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Product Info
Name Infiniter 3P Stylus/Pen/Laser Pointer
Company Infiniter
Laser Range 1500 ft (500m)
Laser Battery Life 30 Hours Continuous
Laser Color Red
Length 5 3/4 in.
Weight 1.5 oz.
Ink Colors Available Black/Blue/Red/Green
Fact Sheet & User Opinions
$25.99 (At

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