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Tue Dec 21, 1999 - 9:00 AM EST - By James Hromadka

MyBible ScreenshotA few years ago, David Fedor, a Palm Employee, wrote a Bible reader called Scripture for the Palm operating system (OS). He has since licensed Scripture to Laridian for future development and support. MyBible is the name of the Laridian product, and Laridian has made some nice additions to an already excellent product.


MyBible is one of the most user-friendly pieces of software that I have ever seen. One can customize everything from footnotes to how verse numbers are displayed. Choose among three Palm OS fonts (Standard, Bold, Large) to make reading easier for the eyes. Several translations have footnotes, and you can specify how you would like them to be displayed. You can also set MyBible to start each verse on a new line and separate chapters.

Navigating through the Bible is also very easy. Clicking on the book name brings up a listing of all books installed. Simply click on the book of the Bible that you want to jump to. You can also use the writing area to navigate. Draw a space to move to the next chapter; draw a backspace to go to the previous chapter. Jump to a different verse in the chapter by writing the number you wish to go to. If you have more than one translation installed, click on the translation name to switch between them. Once you find a verse that you like, click the Bookmark symbol to add or jump to a bookmark. One of the things that I was pleasantly surprised by is that clicking on MyBible at the top of the screen brings up the menu. This is a very nice touch that all Palm OS developers should take the time to add to their programs, at least until Palm OS 3.5 is out. The only thing that is missing is a small icon for when you are in List mode on your Palm compatible.

MyBible Screenshot - FindFeatures

The best feature of MyBible is when you use Find (draw an F). Type the search string, specify whether you want to search the entire Bible or only a specific book, and click Find. MyBible then searches and displays excerpts from verses that contain your search text. I used this feature when I had an argument with some of my friends in a class I was taking for LeTourneau University. They claimed that "Love your neighbor as yourself" was in the Ten Commandments. I said that Jesus said it somewhere in Matthew. So while they thumbed through a Bible, I pulled up MyBible and did a search on love your neighbor. MyBible searched the entire Bible in less than 15 seconds. In that short amount of time, I was able to prove that the scripture comes from Matthew 19:19, when Jesus is talking to the young rich man ("Love your neighbor" is also in Leviticus, but that is not the Ten Commandments). One thing that Find is sorely missing is wildcards. I can remember "Nebud," but stumble on Nebudchadnezzar. Being able to search for part of a name would be perfect. Hopefully Laridian can add this at some point.

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