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Mon Aug 14, 2000 - 10:05 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

WriteRightsLife is precious.  The human body is a frail thing, with bones easily broken and skin that is easily scratched and scuffed.  Like the human body, the Visor is susceptible to damage.  Unfortunately, unlike the human body, the Visor has no repair mechanisms or regenerative properties, and the screen, which is the most important part of the Visor, can be scratched by something as small as a grain of sand.  One way of protecting your Visor against cuts, scratches, and other unpleasant things is with Concept Kitchen's WriteRight.


The WriteRight is a screen protector that provides full-coverage for your Visor's screen.  The package comes with 12 sheets, and you're supposed to be able to get at least a month out of each screen;  I have found that you can leave them on until they begin to scratch.  I had my first sheet on for at least a month and a half.  Also included is a "Squeegee-Card" that is used when putting a sheet on your Visor.  The only text on the WriteRight is Concept Kitchen's website written in very small letters at the bottom of the sheet.  You won't even notice it.


Visor without WriteRightPuting a WriteRight on the Visor's screen is a little tricky at first, but you get the hang of it.  First, make sure the Visor's screen is clear of any smudges or dirt.  Peel away part of the back of a sheet and place it level at the top of the Visor's screen.  Use the Squeegee-Card to evenly press the WriteRight across the Visor's screen.  That's it!  (The Squeegee-Card has the instructions on it as well.)

Visor with WriteRightHandwriting on the Visor after it is protected is coarser than when the screen was exposed but does improve recogntion ove not having any WriteRight.  I gauge the texture at somewhere in between normal paper and the construction paper that young kids use.  This texture doesn't bother me, but some users may be put off by it.

The WriteRight also makes the Visor's screen slightly darker.  This makes using the already poor backlight even more difficult to use.  However, in return you get much less glare from your screen in normal or bright light.  In the photos here I have pictures of the Visor before-and-after puting on a WriteRight --  as you can see, the WriteRight reduced the glare significantly.   I made sure to have my overhead light directly on the Visor's screen when taking the photos, and you'll note the difference is impressive.

Another benefit of WriteRights is that it protects the screen from smudges.  Now I can actually let my friends look at my Visor without worrying about cleaning the screen after they use it.  I can also wipe of any fuzz or dirt off with my fingers without leaving smears on the screen.  (If only monitors had these -- my biggest pet peeve is people touching the monitor when they point >:-[)

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» Name WriteRight
» Company Fellowes
» Quantity: 12
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» $25.99

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