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Rhodiana Visor Case

Tue Jan 18, 2000 - 8:00 AM EST - By James Hromadka

Visor case closedI have always been a big James Bond fan -- I have all of the movies and managed to get 007 in my phone number.  When I saw The World is Not Enough, I couldn’t believe that Denise Richards used a HP Journada device for defusing a nuclear bomb instead of a Palm-compatible.  What I did like was how she was carrying it on her belt.  Now I can wear my Visor on my belt and be prepared for any global emergency with the Rhodiana Visor Case.

The Visor Case fits the Visor like a glove.  The Visor slides down into the case and then you snap the case to completely seal the Visor inside -- no worries about the Visor falling out of this case.  Once the Visor is inside, open the case by undoing the small clip on the front and flipping the flap over.  The flap can be folded over the back of the case, allowing you to easily hold the Visor when in use.  There is some padding for protection against accidental bumps, and the edges on the case seem like they could help if the Visor was dropped a short distance.  There are straps on the back of the case so that you can slip them over your hand instead of holding the case; this is good for writing extensively on the Visor to keep your hand from cramping, but for the most part this feature won’t be used much.

The Visor Case comes with or without the belt clip, and an optional ($2.00) lexan stiffener card can be slid into the flap that goes over the Visor, adding a little more protection to the front of the Visor.  Business cards or other IDs can be placed in the cover if you choose not to use the lexan stiffener card.

Visor Case openedThe Visor case is a real joy to use.  The belt clip has a button on it so all I have to do to remove the Visor is use one motion of pushing the button and pulling the Visor up at the same time.  This is really easy to do and allows the Visor to be accessible at all times.  I also like the fact that I can have my pager next to the Visor case and not have any problems with removing the Visor.  When the Visor is secured on the belt clip it moves with your body and does not get in the way.

When using the Visor, all of the main buttons are easily accessible.  You may get into the habit of using the stylus to turn the Visor on because it is  close to the fabric and hard to get to for lefties.  There is a cutout for the Ir port on the left side, so the only time you need to remove the Visor from the case is when you HotSync, which is tricky.  The one problem that I have with the Visor case is that when removing the Visor, it can get caught on the part of the plastic that folds.  I’m getting better at this with time, and if I hold the plastic part the Visor is easier to get out.  If you HotSync many times daily than this could get tiresome, but since I generally sync only 2-3 times a day  this isn’t too much of a problem.  There are no problems when inserting the Visor into the case.

The stylus can be tricky to get out, especially if you use the stock stylus that comes with the Visor.  You have to use your fingernail to pull the stylus out, or leave the stylus slightly sticking out so you can quickly get to it.  You don’t have to worry about it falling out because of the flap that goes over the case.  I recommend the PDA Panache custom stylus for this case because it juts out slightly of the Visor.

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» Name Visor Case
» Company Rhodiana
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» $38.75 (With Swivel Belt-clip)
» $29.5 (Without Belt-clip)

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