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Otter Box 3000

Thu Apr 20, 2000 - 12:08 AM EDT - By James Hromadka

Do you want to be able to take it all with you when you are outside and not worry about the weather? Sometimes it is necessary to take your Visor where electronic devices, much less Visors, are not meant to be. If you want to carry your Visor and a non-standard Springboard module, the Otter Box 3000 (OB3000) is just the right size for you. It is essentially an Otter Box 2000 that is a little longer.

The Otter Box 3000 is made with a fiberglass reinforced ABS resin that is almost crush-proof, and it is waterproof up to a depth of 100 ft. This case also floats in water, which means that is should be harder to lose and easier to find in the event that it is lost in an aquatic environment, such as a lake or river. The manufacturer has a lifetime warranty on the OB3000, so in the unlikely event you damage it, they will replace it for free! 

The OB3000 comes in fourteen different colors (including clear). You can have an OB3000 that is either one solid color, half-clear/half-color, or completely clear (although the solid clear model isn't waterproof). The clear side is made of a polycarbonite. Inside the color half is a thin layer of foam, which provides extra shock absorption. There are two clamps that securely close the case and prevent anything from getting inside; there's also a strap to use for carrying or attaching the case to a backpack. 

If you plan on "roughing it," you may want to go with a brighter color so the case is easier to see in case you lose it.


The OB3000 offers the same protection from water that the Otter Box 2000 does. When I tested the OB3000 in a sink, it protected the Visor wonderfully. As I said earlier the OB3000 is waterproof up to 100 ft. I have no qualms about taking my Visor inside the OB3000 next time I go to Peracto headquarters and there is another downpour.
I then tested how protective the Otter Box was. We put a Visor Deluxe inside the OB3000 and dropped it four feet onto a thin carpet floor. The case protected the Visor beautifully and really gives the impression that it will take whatever you throw at it. The manufacturer has reported that there has been reports where people had accidentally ran over their Otter Box and the case didn't even have a scratch on it! 

The OB3000 is great for carrying your Visor and a non-standard size module. I can carry my Visor and the Handspring Modem perfectly inside the OB3000. I haven’t tested it yet, but the HandyGPS module should also fit inside the OB3000, although whether or not the HandyGPS will be able to function while in the OB3000 remains to be determined because of how sensitive GPS is. 

The Visor isn't held by anything but gravity, and you will need to hold the case from the top when using the Visor or take it out of the case when in use. The clips don't lend themselves to quickly pulling out your Visor to look up someone's number either. This isn't the kind of case that you would take to a board meeting, but then again a Slipper Visor isn't going to do much for you when you are canoeing. This is a case for use outside in the elements where your Visor needs protection the most. 

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Product Info
» Name Otter Box 3000
» Company Otter Box
» Weight 8.0 oz
» Size 8.375” x 4.375” x 1.875”
» Fact Sheet & User Opinions
» Unknown
» $19.95

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