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Visor Deluxe

Wed Sep 8, 1999 - 9:30 PM EDT - By Mic Bergen

I got my visor last Wednesday, but I didnít really start using it until Sunday (I only have NT4 at work, so I had to wait until Iíd be home with my Windows 98 machine to install software and hotsync my data).†

Starting with the physical construction, the Visor is very well made (mine is Graphite, as I think are all of the press/analyst units). The case is clean and tight, although Iím still getting used to the IR port on the left side.†

I donít have a Palm V, so I canít compare the two, but I do have a III and a and a VII.†

A Lot Faster

The screen on the VD (Visor Deluxe) is wonderful, the same one as on the V. It also seems a lot faster than the III or the VII. Could be due to the use of the Dragonball EZ, or it could be optimized code. Speaking of faster, hotsyncing via the USB is amazingly fast. I use AvantGo, and subscribe to a lot of channels, so I really appreciate the speed difference.†

The speakers seem to be the same, in that the alarms sound exactly identical.†

I still havenít gotten used to the backlighting. The shortcut .8 toggles between [normal backlight] and [inverting backlight] (in Memo Pad) but I donít see any differnce, even after resetting the unit.†

Speaking of resetting the unit, there is no reset pin on the stylus! I canít believe that Iím back to carrying a bent paper clip in the battery compartment. The stylus silo is smaller than the III or VII, so I canít use any of my other styluses. I want to try a Palm V stylus in it, see how it fits. The VD stylus doesnít íclickí into the silo, but it holds very nicely.†

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Product Info
Ľ Name Visor Deluxe
Ľ Company Handspring
Ľ Dimensions 0.7" 4.8" x 3.0" x 0.7"
Ľ Battery type 2 AAA Alkalines
Ľ OS Palm OS 3.1.H
Ľ Memory 8 MB
Ľ Speed 16 Mhz
Ľ Color Graphite, Blue, Green, Orange, Ice
Ľ Weight 5.4 oz
Ľ Fact Sheet & User Opinions
Ľ Discontinued
Ľ $99

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